How can "those people" believe that?

In times of division and loss of understanding, we need to look more closely, with an open mind and heart.

This ebook presents in a clear manner the driving forces behind the move to authoritarianism in this country and some other countries as well, past, present, and future, and how to build a better society so true freedom can prevail.

The ebook builds on the insights of Erich Fromm's iconic 1941 book Escape From Freedom, in order to shed light and offer emotional connection to people today who want more insight.

In this way, we can understand better and take effective action in society to promote healing and improvement in the real quality of life.

Escaping From Freedom ebook cover

Table of Contents

1. Denial (is not just a river in Egypt)
2. The Birth of Wealth, Power, and Alienation
3. The Search for Certainty
4. The Search for Connection and Belonging
5. The Two Meanings of Power
6. The Big Heart for Creating Peace
7. The Deceiving Lures of Nazism and Fascism
8. Growing Responsible, Truly Free Citizens
9. Re-Humanizing Our Society

Insight and Energy

“Thank you for this very thoughtful, challenging and timely gift. I hope this goes viral as they say; it is truth that our regular information media outlets simply don’t know or care about. Wishing you and all of us self love and self awareness that we not go down the dark road we see looming before us. ”

Psychotherapist, LP