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As the speaker and facilitator, David B. Alexander brings his experience as a psychotherapist, consultant, partner, and parent, as well as integrating a lifelong practice and teaching of meditation and Tai Chi Chuan.

David's therapy work is focused on individuals and couples, as well as organizational therapy for leaders and their teams, leading to connection, well-being, and achieving more of one's goals in life.

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Feedback from a recent webinar:

“The amount of information was terrific, dialogue was great. I wouldn't change anything. I thought meeting everyone was wonderful and having the dialogue. I am interested in attending more webinars.” ~ Karen C.

“Perfect. Very Comfortable interaction. A professional presentation. I liked listening to your personal experiences and those of others.” ~ Michele F.

“I thought it was very effective and constructive. I enjoyed the candor of presenters and openness to discuss concerns and clarify.” ~ Karen S.


In this webinar, David B. Alexander, LP will present some of the primary principles of Nonviolent Communication, and their application in relationships. After the presentation, there will be time for questions and answers, and discussion.

This will be an enriching, safe opportunity for learning how to deepen relationships of all kinds through better communication, including through authenticity towards oneself, achieving more often the results we desire. As a psychotherapist, David has seen the value of these principles, and has guided numerous couples and individuals to improve the quality of their communication and their relationships.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Compassion vs. Labeling and Judgment
  • Observation vs. Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Listening With Empathy
  • Feelings, Needs, and Requests
  • Expressing Anger's Core
  • Protection vs. Punishment
  • Liberation From Internal Programming


Note: if any attendee does not wish to join in the discussion after the presentation, but prefers to observe and absorb, that preference will be respected.

The webinar meeting will take place online via Zoom. The webinar can be joined via ordinary phone, but for a full experience use of a computer will allow observing other attendees and those who are speaking. Attendees who do not wish to be seen can disable their video, and those who do not wish to speak (or if there is background noise in the attendee's area) can mute their microphone so as to hear the webinar discussion without speaking.

You can call (718) 229-2609 if you have any questions.

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  • Insight and Energy

    I had both the privilege and good fortune to first connect with David in 2019. In retaining his services, I found him to be highly professional, insightful, authentic, patient, and kind. I greatly appreciated his direct approach, thoughtful consideration, and engaging manner.

    As it turns out, the feedback and insight he provided me turned out to be absolutely spot on, over the course of time. It is a pleasure to recommend David as a pragmatic, discerning, and intuitive counselor, therapist, and leader.

    Founder and CEO, Exaio Systems

  • Insight and Energy

    David recently did a presentation on non-violent communication on behalf of one of my clients, an HR firm. To say that he hit it out of the ballpark would be an understatement. He was engaging, used real-world scenarios and examples and provided the attendees with actionable take-aways to help them navigate the sometimes-tricky world of intergenerational workplace communication.

    David is genuine and empathetic. Even during a brief training, his message resonated with this audience of business owners, HR managers and C-suite executives. We received extremely positive feedback from the attendees and highly recommend David for consulting and training in this area.

    President, PrescRXptive Communications, LLC

  • Insight and Energy

    David is a superbly gifted Organizational Therapist who is able to help guide entrepreneurs in growing their businesses while navigating the highly unpredictable environment that we find ourselves in.

    Unlike many psychotherapists he has a long-established track record of working and advising in the real world, which allows him to help his clients deal with real world problem solving. If you have an established business which is coping with a changing times, or an entrepreneur looking to unlock growth and opportunities I would highly recommend David as a consultant.

    Entrepreneurial Product Designer and CEO of Very Memorable