Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop: Solving the Roots of Conflict - January 13th 10-11:30am ET

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In this online workshop facilitated by David B. Alexander, LP, we will apply Nonviolent Communication to focus on the roots of conflict for individuals and societies, and how conflict can resolve for the happiness and peace of all those who are involved. We will also look at issues brought in by participants.

Areas touched on, and discussed as time permits, include:

  • Enemy images and how NOT to have them
  • A mindset of protection as compared to a mindset of punishment
  • A culture of cooperation as compared to a culture of domination
  • Expressing gratitude, and avoiding offering disconnected compliments
  • Connection as a motivator, rather than use of threats or rewards to motivate

This is a fully interactive discussion group, with a mission to enhance well-being for its participants while exploring meaningful communication that improves relationships.

As a psychotherapist, David has seen the great value of compassionate communication based on true self-awareness, and he has guided numerous couples and individuals to improve the quality of their communication and their relationships.

In these workshops, we practice using empathy and authenticity to make observations, to be aware of feelings and needs, and to make effective requests, all in service of deeper connection with others and with self. These will be focused on specific life situations brought in by participants or by the facilitator.


Note: if any attendee does not wish to join in the discussion, but prefers to observe and absorb, that preference will be respected.

The workshop meeting will take place online via Zoom. The meeting can be joined via ordinary phone, but for a full experience use of a computer will allow seeing all participants more easily.