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In times of division and loss of understanding ("How can 'those people' believe in that?"), we need to look more closely, with an open mind and heart.

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This 19-page ebook, Escaping From Freedom, builds on the insights of Erich Fromm's iconic 1941 book Escape From Freedom, in order to shed light and offer emotional connection. Click Learn more for table of contents and other information.

We can understand better and take effective action in society to promote healing and improvement in the real quality of life.


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Find out proven approaches to communication that are both authentic and effective. Wise communication builds relationships, increases engagement in the tasks at hand, and improves the chance of achieving the results you want. Join for a presentation and interactive discussion.

The discussion is led by David B. Alexander, licensed psychotherapist, organizational therapist, and Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor.


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In this webinar / workshop, we focus on awareness of your partner's presence and needs AND your own presence and needs, and how to use that awareness to create and strengthen a warm, enjoyable connection with your partner. That is the "A" of C.A.R.E. principles.

Increasing awareness includes: learning to tune into your inner world; learning to tune into your partner's inner world; words and actions that support each other's needs; and healing of old wounds.


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Tai Chi Chuan provides benefits for physical and mental health and well-being. If you are in New York State in Queens, Nassau, or western Suffolk, Long Island, take classes in person, with an expert teacher.

We follow standard precautions (wearing masks, distancing, and temperature check), and in addition there is HEPA filtration and a top-of-the-line REME Halo air purification system all used to avoid the risk of spreading of COVID.