Communication Exploration: Enjoying NVC in Community

For this event, there is no formal presentation. Instead we will be applying and sharing the principles of Nonviolent Communication in an unscripted conversation. I will guide the conversation to deepen the connections while also protecting the boundaries and needs of participants.

Each participant can introduce themselves. Depending on preference of the participants, we will have some short, enjoyable exercises, interwoven with discussing situations brought in by participants, or else sample situations that we can discuss together.

Many of my readers have participated in past events together. These past events which I facilitated explored communication in various environments, especially using principles of Nonviolent Communication (also known in my own terminology as Heart-Wise Communication).

For this confidential event, bring your own personal questions, or bring up issues that have been on your mind regarding relationships, society, and any aspect of communication that is important for you.

Those who wish to observe are also welcome. Participation can be an enjoyable experience, but is not required.