Speak and Listen: Building a Better Workplace (for Well-Being and Success); May 16th, 6pm to 7:30pm ET

Free Webinar and Conversation

Find out proven approaches to communication that are both authentic and effective. Wise communication builds relationships, increases engagement in the tasks at hand, and improves the chance of achieving the results you want. Join for a presentation and interactive discussion.

Would you like to create and experience better communication in your workplace? How would it feel to build stronger bonds and authentic connection between the people around you, while also creating better organizational results?


Join this free webinar offered by psychotherapist and executive/organizational coach David B. Alexander, for insight into and experience of the value of skilled communication, especially as it applies to the workplace. David talks from and to the heart, while using insight to pose and discuss the questions that affect every individual in the workplace as they navigate daily decisions and actions in the midst of complex and changing requirements.

Big-Team-Meeting-Canva-800x533.jpgWhether you are an owner, a manager, a consultant, or a staff member, communication is the way we connect with other people and have impact in our immediate surroundings. Communication is not limited to words only: sometimes allowing space for others to make choices and feel autonomy is valuable. And the work environment, comfort, scheduling, and other factors are all part of making a human-centered workplace. But in the end, the key is awareness of and caring for the benefit of our colleagues in the workplace.

It can often be a challenge to fully express what we want at the same time as inviting others to feel supported and invited in. When we offer that kind of communication, relationships and loyalty are strengthened, and the ability to focus and engage in the workplace is increased for all participants.

Ultimately, the workplace can be a place that all the people involved look forward to being part of each day.

Find out how to generate authentic enthusiasm in yourself and others through better communication. This will be an online presentation with interaction welcome.

Headshot-Square-300x300.jpgAfter you register, you will receive a link that will allow you to join in the webinar when it takes place. You will also receive reminders beforehand.

I look forward to seeing you!


David B. Alexander

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