Create the Love You Want: Creating Opportunities for More Love; April 18th 2021, 6:00pm to 7:30pm ET

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As you Create the Love You Want, you can increase intimacy and joy in your relationship or marriage, and reduce conflict.

This month, we focus on the "C" of C.A.R.E. That is, we will discuss how to create more opportunities that allow for and support closeness and intimacy with a partner.

This ranges from how to set aside meaningful time on a regular basis, to finding confidence to change the topic to what really needs to be discussed, to looking inside and uncovering hidden blocks that make you hesitate to open up new possibilities.

If you are not with another person romantically, you can understand better ways to connect with a loving partner in life.

In this interactive webinar, you will gain insights into yourself as well as better ways to communicate, to find and keep the most love and intimacy in your life.

The discussion is respectful of each attendees boundaries, so all are comfortable. Participation in discussions is totally optional.

Key points we have covered in this series include how to:

  • Create opportunities for closeness and intimacy in everyday life
  • Adjust communication style so your partner / potential partner hears you better, instead of keeping them at a distance
  • Respond fully to the communications of your partner instead of hearing criticism or distance
  • Experience the love you want without fear of too little success or too much success

Whether in a couple or by oneself, join us in a warm community experience, to explore how to build a better relationship.

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